Thomas Interiors sets up Instagram Account


Thomas Interiors sets up Instagram Account

With Social Media taking a more prominent role in organisations keeping on contact with their clients, Thomas Interiors have made the decision to set up our own Instagram Account.

Instagram is one of the most popular form of  photo-sharing applications on the Internet. Businesses have seen how this photo-sharing platform just keeps growing, now with almost 90 million users.

Bernie Thomas, Thomas Interiors Managing Director stated;

 ”The benefits of Social Media to businesses of Thomas Interiors stature has become very clear to me over recent years. Having the potential to communicate to millions of people via our various social media platforms has proven to be very popular, particularly when communicating the latest news and achievements of the business. Although the benefits of using Applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very clear to me, learning how to use these platforms has been a bit more of a challenge. As a result  Matt Hollister, has agreed to manage the accounts on our behalf and will be sure to update our accounts with the latest and most newsworthy stories that we can offer. As Thomas Interiors Health and Safety Manager, Matt is uniquely placed to have an understanding of what is happening on our projects, from instruction through to completion.

Matt Hollister continued;

“Instagram is one of the most popular  photo-sharing applications on the internet. You can see how this photo-sharing platform just keeps growing and now it has almost 90 million users.

Historcically social media has been  a topic very important to famous brands, but the app is also popular for interactions of smaller businesses. Our intention is to ensure that our

Thomas Interiors have Social Media Accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

followers can remain up to date with the latest news, both from a business output perspective and the achievements of our biggest asset, our team of employees. With the company now having three means of communication to inform and educate our followers on what our company is doing to enhance our business, i look forward to sharing the latest news from Thomas Interiors with everyone”.

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