New Health and Safety poster campaign now in full swing


New Health and Safety poster campaign now in full swing

As part of our Commercial Framework contract with Heathrow Airport Ltd, Thomas Interiors and our Framwork colleagues are often invited to attend various forums in order to communicate with one another and discuss shared learning, in order to improve performance over various disciplines.One of the forums that Thomas Interiors are proud to contribute towards is the Commercial Health and Safety Forums, which are held on a monthly basis. The quality of the work that is coming out of these forums is excellent and is helping to improve the standards of commercial project across the Heathrow Communitee. Last month Thomas Interiors Construction Director, Derek Freeland and Health and Safety Manager Matt Hollister were invited to attend and present to various organisations from accross Heathrow, including British Airways, Boots, WH Smith, World Duty Free and UK Border Force.

Derek Freeland, Construction Director of Thomas Interiors stated;

The purpose of the presentation was to communicate the work that Thomas Interiors have carried out, in relation to our In Case of Emergency (ICE) Tag innitiative. Matt and I were invited to provide a 15 minute presentation on the reasonings, strategy and benefits of the initiative, which we have been carrying out for the last 9 months. The purpose of the initiative is to make sure that in the event of an accident or emergency on a Thomas Interiors project, the Emergency Services would have access to important medical information and Next of Kin contact details for each of our 63 employees. Public Speaking has never been one of my favourite activities, but having a subject matter that is very close to my heart, added with a very receptive audience, certainly helped the presentation.

Once Matt and I had completed our presentation we answered various questions in relation to the initiative, so I hope that it was a worthwhile experience for the delegates at the forum and that they took the information that we provided and dispatched it accross the various areas of their own organisations.

Another area which has improved as a result of the Health and Safety Forum has been the level of communication which is fed back to our site teams on a regular basis. Over the course of the year Heathrow has a number of safety campaigns that are rolled out across the campus, which are designed to benefit all those working on their projects. In order to ellaborate on these initiatives Thomas Interiors have designed, created and issued Safety Posters, which are updated monthly and displayed on all of our HAL Commercial Projects.

Matt Hollister, Health and Safety Manager of Thomas Interiors stated;

I am a huge advocate of good communication, in relation to safety matters on all of our projects. The new Safety Posters are an excellent addition to the existing means of communication that we have within the business. HAL are a fantastic sounding board and are very good at providing us with the support and time to issue high quality

posters, which highlight the campaigns that are being run throughout the Airport.
The latest campaigns focus on the risks of Working at Height and Stress in the Workplace. The risks of working at height are very well documented, with a large percentage of construction related deaths being proportioned to what is the biggest risk within our industy. A subject that perhaps is overlooked in society, not just within construction is Mental Health. We made a concious decision to focus our attentions on stress for this months campaign, as stress is something that everyone experiences in many different forms and contributes towards Mental Health issues, such as depression. Both of our safety Posters have been kept very simple, with the focus being on pictures doing the talking, rather than bombarding our site team with information. It will be our intention to illaborate on each initiative via Toolbox Talks that will be issued to our Supervisors, to communicate to our site teams over the course of the month.

It is our intention to ensure that the information is updated regularly, so that the Safety Posters dont become stale and boring and that we provide a high quality campaign, that is relevant to everyone that looks at them.

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