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With our own in-house Fire Stopping Department, Thomas Interiors offer a multi-layered, bespoke service to all of our clients.

Thomas Interiors accredited Fire Stopping service includes the provision of Fire Stopping and fire sealing products & kits (fire dampers, kitchen extract duct work, combustible and non-combustible pipe work, cable tray, and electrical cables). We can also provide Fire Stopping and fire sealing products for linear joint seals and cavity barriers.

Thomas Interiors offer a full range of Fire Stopping solutions 

These Include:

  • Fire Stopping and Fire Sealing products and kits for Penetration Seals
  • Fire Stopping and Fire Sealing products for Inner Seals
  • Fire Stopping and Fire Sealing products for Cavity Barriers
 Fire stopping is a method of compartmentalisation within a building that forms an effective barrier against the spread of flame and smoke.

The aim of fire stopping:

  • To provide more time to the building occupants for evacuation
  • To limit building damage and ultimately continuity of operations
  • To allow more time for the fire service response and emergency evacuation



Thomas Interiors have a team of installers who have gained accreditation from the BM TRADA Fire Stopping certification scheme to enable them to carry out Fire Stopping which conforms with the 2010 building regulations – Fire Safety approved Document B. This document outlines the requirements for all new builds, modernisation of an existing building and extension works….

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Fire Stopping certificate
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