IPBS / Banking

Modernising Core Banking Operations

IPBS/Banking enables operational functionality to manage the traditional banking functions of a private bank. Designed around a multi-currency general ledger accounting system it provides complete integration of traditional sub ledger account management within the general ledger. Banking transactions are processed in real time and supply updated accounting records across the enterprise. A fully scalable product that is invaluable when it comes to managing client relationships, decision-making and execution in a challenging financial world.


System Deliverables/Functions Advantages
Integrated Ledger Accounting System
Seamless integration with existing infrastructure
Automatic Transfer of Profit & Loss
Ease of multi-currency transfers
Money Market Management
Real-time payments
Nostro and Savings Accounting
Consolidated group trading
Treasury Management
Settlement of securities
Real-time Currency Manager
Currency position management
Client Reporting & Analysis
Multi-tiered architecture
Client transfer suite
Centralized location for order management

Developed For

  • Asset & Fund Managers
  • Private Banking Administration Personnel
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Mutual Fund Administrators
  • Prime Brokers
  • Trust Managers
  • Wealth Management Professionals