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Ipari embodies the key values at the heart of not only the company but the future of engineering.

Here at Ipari we pride ourselves on the innovative approach to design and production. We believe that in order to stay ahead of the market, our competition and the curve, our methods and approaches must be progressive.

We recognise customer ambition and match it with our own desire to strive for high quality holistic service.

As a team internally and with our customers, we have a record of resilience within high pressure environments, time frames and troubleshooting.

With a history expanding all sectors of engineering the team at Ipari have had an imperative role in inspiring the future of design and harnessing customer plans to create new world solutions.

The origins of Ipari are the brainchild of Ben Auty, initially an automotive design engineer who recognised the need for progressive, first class engineering solutions to meet industry-wide problems. Auty who has focussed his career on evolving the engineering profession whilst continuing to hone his trade to become more effective, and market leading.

To this end Auty has observed the short falls of the current engineering market and has developed a service that will streamline processes and create a new gold standard.

Auty has been accredited to leading and developing revolutionary products that will help to shape the future world of design.

Ipari Engineering

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